Peter Manby, Director at PKM Management Ltd
Margaret is a huge asset to a business. Margaret has enormous commercial acumen and technical knowledge in revenue management and distribution. The reason I believe Margaret to be exceptional is that she has the rare ability as a specialist with deep knowledge to bring her skills to life directly, and through the people she works with, and who work for her. 

Margaret is invaluable as a team player, team manager and as an individual implementing a project.
Brian McCarthy, Managing Director at Valor Hospitality Europe: 
“I have known both Margaret and Jeremy for many years, initially as colleagues but more recently as partners. Of most relevance is the work they have done for us since the formation of Valor Europe. Before we had developed our current sophisticated revenue management platform Margaret came on board to steer the ship. With relatively few sophisticated tools at the time but plenty of energy, acumen, knowledge and intelligence she helped produce way better than market performance. Her knowledge of the market and awareness of the strategic levers to pull is second to none. I will always be grateful – she helped set us on our way to the current market leading performance we deliver today” 
Scott Mitchell, Managing Director at Surgeons Quarter,  the Royal College of Surgeons - Edinburgh
Margaret is a professional in the fields of yield and revenue management, with the ability to think independently and analytically about my business without being to close to the operation and being distracted by the day to day matters. 

Even coming from a revenue background myself, I find it very useful to have Margaret check our activities from time to time to ensure that we are adhering to best practice and identifying areas we may wish to put more focus on.

When it comes to project work, system changes or annual budgeting I find it invaluable to bring in outside expertise to supplement the in-house team.

I would strongly recommend Margaret and The Revenue Partnership to all progressive hoteliers.