What is Second Opinion Revenue Management Support?

The Revenue Partnership has nearly 40 years of Revenue Management experience. First-hand experience in hotel openings, closures, rebranding, repositioning. Budget brands, international brands, independents, conference centres, pubs, leisure centres, golf courses, spas & resorts. Pricing for Christmas, large events, aircrews, corporate clients, BAR rates. Negotiating terms and condition for conference and events, minimum numbers, cut off dates, upselling. 

The principles are simple however we know from experience that it can be difficult to easily transfer the ‘theory’ of Revenue Management to real life. There are always anomalies, oddities, unique factors that can cloud your judgement and make decision making hard. Having an experienced eye provide reassurance or offer an alternative solution can help you stay ahead of your competition.

As part of your subscription to iRevenue.co.uk, you benefit to direct access to our skills and knowledge for free. Included in your subscription fee is the ability for you to contact us with up to four real life requests for ‘second opinions’ per month.

There are some exceptions. Given the variety of businesses we support it is difficult to be black and white, however here are some examples to help you.

Examples of Second Opinion included for free.
Specific date / period pricing
Specific group / event pricing
Best use of space for a specific event
Who to compare your performance results with
What reports to use to better understand your business?
Feedback on a CV application for a role within your property

Examples of where we can help, but not included for free.
Second opinion on a full year budget for the following year.
Support with recruitment / selection
Support repositioning your property

We hope you can see the high level of value available within this proposal and look forward to helping you with your real life Revenue Management queries.